Selena Gomez Tour 2016

It looks like our up-and-coming pop diva is planning quite a busy schedule for herself in the upcoming year! The Selena Gomez tour 2016 already has many dates on the books. She will be going on around playing live concerts to help promote her newest studio album called Revival. Right now she already has 40 dates scheduled in the first show that she will be playing will happen on May 6, with the final show taking place on July 8. She is going to visit most of the major cities in the USA. These are the locations like Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. You can also catch her this year for several dates during the jingle Ball concerts. Here she will be performing with Nick Jonas, 5 seconds of summer, and one direction.

So what sort of prices are the fans looking at paying for these upcoming shows? Right now the most expensive performance will be happening in Charlotte North Carolina at the Time Warner cable Arena on June 7. The average price of the tickets for this show will come in at just over $200. The absolute lowest price for a ticket that you could get for this show is $45. If you are looking to try and see the pop princess for the most reasonable price available then you will want to check out her concert in St. Louis Missouri at the Scott trade center on June 26. The average price of a ticket for this show is only $120 with the lowest priced ticket coming in at $54. These prices aren’t bad at all when compared to other high-profile acts on the road right now.

If you compare the prices from her personal performances to those with the jingle Ball ticket prices you’ll see that her shows are very reasonable. Although these shows include many other stars aside from Selena, you are still looking at paying over $500 to be able to see one of these shows on average. The absolute cheapest ticket up in the nosebleeds will still set you back about $70. Let’s not forget that all this traveling around is to help promote her brand-new album revival.

Luckily for miss Gomez the numbers are looking good. It’s been just a couple months now since she has put out her new CD and it’s already crushing the Billboard charts coming in at number one with about 120,000 sales during the initial first week release. The first single that she has released from her album entitled good for you is the first time that she has ever ascended to the top of the Billboard pop charts and reached the number one position. This album and her live performances could push her career to heights that she has previously never experienced! This is quite an exciting time for Selena Gomez fans.

There may still be time to get cheaper prices for seats if you purchase her revival CD. All of her fans who pre-ordered her new album got a chance to pick up tickets before anyone else. If you were one of the lucky fans who got your hands on her album early, you will have received a special unique code in your email that allows you to pick up tickets before the other bands. Now anyone can get seats, but you should check out her official website to see if there are any other deals for dedicated fans. The stars love to give back to the people who make their careers possible.

Fans in the US and Canada should prepare yourselves for the Selena Gomez tour 2016! It’s sure to be a lot of fun with tons of amazing costumes and exciting displays on stage. Selena never lets her fans down, and always knows how to put on an amazing show for the people who spend their hard-earned money on seeing her concert! The beginning of her shows is still a ways away, and now is your best chance to purchase tickets for low prices, so don’t wait!